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Behavior Buzzzzzz with 2 Amys

Dr. Amy L. Pike & Dr. Amy Learn

We're your sassy hosts, Dr. Amy L. Pike and Dr. Amy Learn, A.K.A...THE AMYS! As Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorists, we understand the challenges of pet guardianship. Every day we diagnose and treat behavior problems. And, every day we help pets and their people navigate the sea of confusing, misleading, and downright false information swirling around on the internet and social media.

We provide clinical insight into underlying causes of behavior problems, make cynical sense of nonsense, disprove myths, and promote positive, trusting human/animal relationships. 

We're dedicated to modern, science-based intervention without the use of pain, fear, force, or intimidation. It is our mission to drive comprehensive pet wellness to the forefront of veterinary medicine and mainstream pet culture. JOIN US and the HIVE MIND, to set the record straight on the hottest and most controversial topics we encounter as clinicians, educators, and guardians.